Finding talent for mobility technology has become difficult, automotive suppliers survey finds 

The Pulse Check is a survey conducted twice a year among CLEPA’s members, the European association representing automotive suppliers. In the first edition of this year’s Pulse Check, published in March, it emerged that R&D is considered a key area to invest in, primarily through acquiring new talent, even if there are widespread difficulties in recruiting for several specific functions.

The survey shows that the need to provide for the acquisition, teaching and dissemination of the new skills needed to work with new technologies is becoming increasingly urgent. While technological development and research on recent trends such as Autonomous Driving, Connectivity, the Electrification of vehicles, and Shared mobility (ACES) continue unabated, the updating of workers does not seem to go hand in hand.

Further confirmation comes from another survey finding: 66% of the companies reported that they are planning to reskill a significant share of their workforce to build capacity for future technology production.

It demonstrates that the change is taking place at all levels, from research in the lab to manufacturing work in the plants. The issue of upskilling/reskilling workers is already centrally important on the automotive agenda.

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