Automotive Skills Alliance has goals to boost the re-skilling and up-skilling within the automotive sector which is faciitated by the wide network of partners who are active in active in this field and use different tools which are offered to the rest of the partnership or publicly to the sectoral players. Following tools are recommended and used by the Automotive Skills Alliance.

Learning Platform

Learning platform facilitates training in a form of MOOC courses. Project DRIVES established this platform with the number of MOOCs, platform is and will be open for the ASA partners to contribute with the training material.

MOOC Learning Platform

ASA Skills Framework

The DRIVES Framework or EU-wide database of training courses and concepts is a platform developed within the DRIVES Project which provides a growing selection of courses and skills/job roles which is maintained by the training providers and experts from the industry.

Additional features consist of learning accounts, provision of digital bages, search of the training courses and their management by training providers, experts community and tools for the update of the skills and job role concept and tools related to apprenticeships offer and good practices.

DRIVES FrameworkDRIVES Framework Concept

Apprenticeships Tools

Project DRIVES has developed an apprenticeships package, which concerns the apprenticeships comparison tool and apprenticeships toolking on how to hire and apprentice.

Apprenticeships Comparison ToolApprenticeships Toolkit

Good Practice Resource

Project DRIVES has developed a Good Practice Resource which collects innovative practices in apprenticeships offer in form of case studies. Case studies are categorised based off of 12 themes.

Good Practice Resource

Knowledge Hub

Automotive Skills Alliance and initiatives within the overall partnership, such as blueprint project, other projects, industrial partners or education and training actors are producing different materials which analyse the sector in the terms of new technologies, drivers of change, factors, skills offer or demand.


European Battery Sector Skills Intelligence

Public outputs of the project ALBATTS in terms of new technologies, skills, knowledge and overall intelligence or skills strategy can be found on the project website.

  • Desk Research Analysis - state-of-the-art of the mobile and stationary battery applications, gigafactories and battery manufacturing, research and development;
  • Battery Sector survey results;
  • Analysis of the workshops, webinars and other ALBATTS project events;
  • Sectoral Skills Intelligence and Strategy;
  • Training and education framework;
Project ALBATTS OutputsSectoral Skills Intelligence and Strategy

Project DRIVES

European Automotive Sector Intelligence

Public outputs of the project DRIVES in terms of sectoral skills strategy and roadmap, job roles, training material and other can be found on the project website.

  • Sectoral Skills Strategy and Roadmap;
  • Reference and Recognition Framework;
  • MOOC Platform and Training;
  • Automotive Job Roles;
  • Apprenticeships Package
Project DRIVES Results