ASA Regional Implementation Working Group Meeting Highlights

The Automotive Skills Alliance (ASA) held its Working Group 4 (WG4) meeting on regional implementation online on June 24th, 2024, under the leadership of Michaela Palasova and Anna Spechtenhauser. This virtual gathering brought together representatives from various regions to share insights, discuss ongoing projects, and plan future initiatives for managing the green and digital transition through up- and reskilling at regional, national, and European levels. Discussions also covered the TRIREME project and updates on events and networking opportunities for the ASA regions.

WG4’s key objectives include sharing best practices and fostering mutual learning across regions. The June meeting revisited previously shared practices and provided a platform for regions to give updates on their transformation efforts. Presentations included overviews of the automotive ecosystem, focusing on major industries, suppliers, education and training providers, as well as industrial production and employment data. The d Discussions also explorediscussions also explored the motivations for joining the ASA and the key objectives of each region’s participation.

“Enhancing our collaborative partnerships with other European regions, gaining first-hand insights into up- and reskilling initiatives of regional partners, and formulating a common position that defends the joint interests of the network members are among the most important reasons for joining the Automotive Skills Alliance,” noted colleagues from Castilla y León. Emilia-Romagna emphasized seeking the latest skills intelligence and learning from good governance practices. ATEC partners highlighted that their involvement in the ALBATTS project led to numerous training courses adapted for Portugal, benefiting the local consortium. In Moravia-Silesia, extensive training modules have been developed and will be made available across Europe, thanks to regional collaboration and the Just Transition mechanism.

The meeting also revisited best practices shared previously, emphasizing the importance of information exchange as a source of inspiration for partners. This practice is crucial for the TRIREME project, which also focuses on regional roll-out. TRIREME aims to strategically enhance sectoral cooperation on skills, develop a European ‘core’ curriculum, and establish a long-term action plan for the automotive sector. The project in its regions-focused work package is developing a methodology for good practice that standardizes data collection and sharing among automotive regions, aiding the twin transition.

The session included an overview of upcoming events and study visits, such as the European Week of Regions and Cities workshop. Various ASA tools were introduced, including online courses supporting regional skills development from the ALBATTS project. Promotion and visibility, important aspects of the ASA, were highlighted through the new campaign run by the ASA PR team, aimed at boosting regional visibility via social media.

The ASA WG4 meeting exemplified the collaborative efforts to advance skills and best practices within the automotive industry, ensuring a sustainable and resilient future for the sector across Europe.