Regional Implementation Working Group Meeting: ASA Fostering Collaboration for Automotive Sector Transformation

The Regional Implementation Working Group (WG4) meeting, which took place on the 27th of March 2024 marked yet another small but important step forward in the collaborative efforts of the Automotive Skills Alliance (ASA). Both in-person and virtual participants centred around the theme of collaboration and best practice sharing among member regions.

One of the key objectives of the WG4 is to facilitate the process of mapping and benchmarking activities within regions related to the ongoing transformation of the automotive sector. The WG4 meeting was dedicated to the sharing of existing best practices and discussion on key strategies and approaches emphasizing the crucial aspects of skills, education, and employment. Representatives from Goteborg, Kosice, Stuttgart, and the EDUCAM project in Belgium showcased their innovative practices, contributing to a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and opportunities in automotive sector transformation.

Furthermore, the meeting addressed the collaboration between ASA, the Automotive Regions Alliance (ARA), and the Committee of the Regions´ automotive industry intergroup (CORAI). The presentation on cooperation activities underscored the importance of synergistic partnerships in advancing shared objectives, particularly in navigating the green and digital transition of the automotive sector. The agenda also included discussions on upcoming events in the first and second quarters, providing participants with a glimpse into the future activities organized by ASA and its partners. The meeting also allowed for open discussions facilitating informal exchanges among participants.

The forthcoming activities, including the next working group meeting, study visits, and the ASA conference scheduled for the 10th of April in Brussels, promise to further galvanize efforts towards a sustainable and competitive automotive industry landscape.