Driving Transformation: Skills at the Heart of Mobility Transition Pathways

There is a broad consensus that skills serve as the foundation of transformation, following the last roundtable organised under the Transition Pathways exercise organised by DG GROW on Feb 29, 2024. With the European Commission spearheading discussions and the active involvement of the Automotive Skills Alliance, the spotlight is given on collaborative efforts to navigate the evolving landscape of mobility. The co-implementation process represents a collective commitment to reshaping the automotive industry across various modes of transportation.

It’s evident that reskilling and upskilling the workforce are imperative for driving sustainable change. The challenges presented by the transition to new mobility solutions demand a proactive approach, with a strong emphasis on impactful initiatives geared towards enhancing the skill sets of workers. The Automotive Skills Alliance remains steadfast in its dedication to executing strategic actions and providing support to foster innovation and labor force transformation within the automotive sector.

Aligned with the Pact for Skills vision, the ASA continues to champion collaboration and cooperation to nurture a skilled and empowered workforce capable of navigating the complexities of the evolving mobility landscape. By leveraging the collective expertise and resources, we can pave the way for a brighter, more sustainable future in the automotive industry.