Self-Governing Trnava Region, is a Slovak autonomous regional authority with decision-making competencies related to its budget and revenue, constituting the tier between the national and the local government in Slovakia. The automotive industry has a long history and strong tradition in the Trnava Region, which is naturally well connected to transport and logistic infrastructure. The location and accessibility as well as the favorable demographic situation of the Region are among the greatest advantages in relation to its investment potential.


The Region borders three countries – the Czech Republic, Austria, and Hungary.
With a territory of 4,148 m² and a population of 564 917 inhabitants it is the second smallest but one of the most productive regions of Slovakia.
Trnava Region consists of 7 districts, 249 municipalities of which 16 are towns, with the Trnava capital city.
Regional competency framework includes secondary education, public transport, social services, healthcare, and culture, overseeing maintenance of lower category roads and coordinating inter-regional and cross-border cooperation and tourism. More than half of the regional revenues come from tax income (55,5%), while state administration transfers account for approx. 37,90%. The largest amount of expenditures is allocated to education (36,9%), transportation (26,7%), social and health services (16.9%).

Interesting Facts

  • Trnava Region is developing an innovative strategy to lower 40% of CO2 emission by 2030 using smart technologies, increasing building energy efficiency, low-emission transport, and R&D capacities
  • To support regional development, implementation of innovative projects, as well as the green and digital transition of the industry, the Region has established its Regional Innovative and development agency and Representation Office in Brussels
  • The region is known for its open, transparent, and participative governance, to secure an integrated and participative approach, the Regional Council has been established
  • There is a growing rate of foreign capital in the regional industry, also thanks to the potential for building industrial zones
  • The Region is in possession of the majority share of the regional Airport in Piešťany, which is well connected to the transport network and has a great development potential for the Region.

Main Industries

The automotive industry, electrotechnics, metallurgy, chemistry, and glass industry belong among the most important industrial sectors in the Trnava region. It is the home of the following industries: Stellantis Slovakia (former PSA Peugeot Citroën), IKEA Industry, SAMSUNG electronics,  Schäffler, ZF Slovakia, Vaillant Industrial and Bekaert.
Trnava self-Governing Region also cooperates through its Regional innovation and development agency with Bizzcom s.r.o. in the field of robotics and process automatization; SHARK.AREO who is one of the world´s top ultralight aircraft manufacturers; and JESS a.s. in the field of hydrogen technologies applications in regional transport.

Workforce Description

The unemployment rate in the Trnava Region is among the lowest in Slovakia, it accounted for 5,8 % in 2019. In a short-term prognosis, the most endangered jobs in the Trnava Region are machine operators and manufacturing workers. Under the optimistic economic scenario, a significant decrease in employment rates in the industry is expected by 2025. The expected labor demand in the industrial fields is expected, namely field specialists, service employees, manufacturing employees and machine operators in particular. These kinds of professions will account for a fifth of total labor market demand until 2025.

Educational Institutions

The network of school facilities is relatively well developed in the Region. In 2020, pre-primary, primary, secondary and lower tertiary education was provided by 309 kindergartens, 212 primary schools, 22 grammar schools, 47 secondary vocational schools.
The center of higher education is Trnava, which is the seat of the University of Trnava, the University of St. Kyrillius and Methodius and the Slovak Technical University – Faculty of Materials Science and Technology, including the Institute of Applied Informatics, Automation and Mechatronics, the SlovakION Materials Research Center and the Center for Excellence in 5-Axis Machining (CE5AM). There are also the University in Sládkovičovo and the University of Central Europe in Skalica in the Region.
Self-Governing Trnava Region operates 50 secondary schools.  Dual vocational education involves 25 high schools including those in field technical, automotive and electrotechnical fields. The Region cooperates with a large number of employers in several industrial fields such as automotive industry, construction, chemical industry, electrotechnical etc.

Official website: Trnava Self-Governing Region official website


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Trnava Region Brussels Office
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