Automotive Skills Alliance has goals to boost the re-skilling and up-skilling within the automotive sector which is faciitated by the wide network of partners who are active in active in the field of training offer. Following training material, opportunities or platforms are recommended or initiated with the cooperation with the ASA.

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Skills Framework

EU-wide Database of Training Courses and Concepts

The Skill Framework contains a database of training courses and job roles and skills concepts. The platform was developed within the DRIVES Project which provides a growing selection of courses and skills/job roles which is maintained by the training providers and experts from the industry. The platform is further maintained and extended by the ASA alliance.

Skills Framework

Learning Platform

MOOC Courses

The Learning Platform provides an opportunity for learners to follow an online course in the scope of the Automotive-Mobility Ecosystem. The platform was developed within the project DRIVES and is further maintained and updated by the ASA alliance. The DRIVES project added an initial set of 28 MOOC courses covering different areas within the automotive field. MOOCs are free, with the possibility to earn a certificate or digital badges (through Skills Framework).

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Offer and Comparison Tool

Project DRIVES has developed an apprenticeships comparison tool which enables to explore the European apprenticeships offer data.

Apprenticeships Comparison Tool