The launch of partners’ Newsflash and WG1 meeting mark the start of new year

The Automotive Skills Alliance started the new year by launching the first edition of the ASA Newsflash, the partners’ online publication containing information and insights on upskilling and reskilling activities in the mobility sector.

The aim of the monthly newsletter is to provide all partners in the alliance with information about the activities being carried out within the different working groups, facilitating the exchange of views and stimulating the discussion across the alliance.

The start of the year was also marked by the first meeting of Working Group 1, on 17 January. Chaired by ACEA, the meeting welcome representatives from LHH (Lee Hecht Harrison Ltd) kindly presented their case study on e-mobility, Supporting the Skill Shift within the Automotive Sector, showcasing how the transition towards electromobility can be implemented alongside the workforce training needs. Also evaluating further the social effects of powertrain electrification, CLEPA shared the results of the recent study on the Electric Vehicle Transition Impact Assessment of 2020 to 2040, showcasing how the shift to full electrification is putting half a million jobs at risk.

Further, upcoming project opportunities were presented by ASA Leader, Jakub Stolfa, as well as an overview of planned actions within the Erasmus+ programme. Following this overview, the European Commission (DG EMPL) presented on the future impact of a Just Transition, a mechanism recently created for supporting a fair transition towards climate neutrality.

As part of the skills intelligence activities, the Battery subgroup led by the Swedish Skellefteå Municipality, held in February a meeting to present the first results of the project ALBATTS, focused on the skills needs in the battery value chain. On this occasion, the GigaVaasa project and the initiative to expand the battery production in the Finnish Vaasa Region were also presented.

The agenda on skills will remain full over the next months. March 2022 will see the conclusion of the Blueprint project DRIVES, while the Blueprint project ALBATTS on Batteries Technology, Training and Skills (ending in December 2023) will be releasing concrete deliverables contributing to the sector’s development.

In the meantime, the ASA will continue to ensure a smooth and sustained cooperation on the skills agenda within the mobility ecosystem, supporting the transition with concrete up and reskilling initiatives.

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